Let us do the work for you.

Imagine having your medications organized into one simple packet by day and time each month.

No more carrying around multiple pill bottles; no more forgetting what to take and when. 

Now serving the Danville, PA area.

Taking medications correctly not only improves health conditions but lowers cost of care as well. And that is exactly what we hope to achieve through our specialty packaging service. 

If you struggle with multiple bottles of medication, spend too much time loading pill boxes, forget to take your medicine or are caring for loved ones and feel overwhelmed, this service is for you. ​

With this program, you can reduce your overall cost of care and ensure better outcomes whether as the patient or the caretaker. Plus, the tamper evident, convenient packs are not only organized by time, day, and week, but they can be torn off as well. No more worrying about carrying multiple pill bottles when you are on the go or traveling. We'll even deliver your prescriptions...for free. 

The best part? This service is available to both new and existing patients. 


Get it free with our VIP program.

How it works:


We organize your prescriptions into each pack by day and time. 


You receive a month's supply at a time with pick-up or free delivery.


You take your medications wherever you are with ease.

This is not just special packaging. It's:

  • Excellent service from a team that knows you by name

  • Answers to your questions from a team that cares

  • Free monthly delivery

  • Less confusion

  • Spending time with loved ones not loading pill boxes

  • Fewer plastic bottles, which means less waste and better for the environment

Who knew that a simple tear could save a life?

Start living more and worrying less.

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