Work with healthcare professionals you can trust.

Free Delivery

Free delivery service to ensure your patients are getting their medications when they need them.

Special Packaging

Special packaging to improve patient adherence and simplify med use as part of our GattVIP program

Travel Consults

Travel medicine consults where we can help your patient know what they need when traveling abroad 

Cost Savings

Cost-savings also consistently available for patients through our GattiVIP membership and Medicare Part D consultations

Med Reviews

Comprehensive medication reviews where our trained pharmacist sits down with a patient to discuss all aspects of their medication needs,  identifies drug therapy problems, and communicates them back to you

Quality Metrics

Quality metrics improvement focus working with our prescribers

Partnerships That Enhance Our Facility

In addition to the above, our partnerships help us to improve our overall quality of care for patients.


These include: Pennsylvania Pharmacists Care Network participating pharmacy, proud provider of patient care to patients with Gateway Health, participant in CPESN USA as an enhanced services pharmacy, and partner with Indiana Physicians Group to provide medication reviews to Highmark patients. 

Improve Adherence

With your help and our services, we can work together to improve the adherence of your patients.

​Our typical adherence rate is:

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