There's enough to worry about in our schedules; remembering to order refills on your prescription no longer needs to be one of them. 

Our Auto-refill program allows you to set one or all of your prescriptions to be automatically refilled before you’re out. You’ll get a text, email, or phone call when your prescription is ready.  
Ready to streamline your meds? Simply notify a Gatti Pharmacy team member to signup.

AutoSync Rx

All patients with regular maintenance medications now have the benefit of being enrolled in our free AutoSync service. This helps save time and trips to the pharmacy by having us coordinate your prescriptions for once monthly pickup.

Special Packaging

Imagine having your medications organized for you into one simple packet. Take medication management one step further with our special packaging service. 

This service is ideal for those on multiple medications as well as caretakers. No more confusion on when to take your medications with specialty packaging. 

Generic Viagra© and Cialis©

Good news: You don't need to spend an arm and a leg on the medications you need. Switch to Gatti Pharmacy and get your generic Viagra© and Cialis© for as little as $8 per tablet (versus $75 per tablet for the brand name). 

Do you just need a refill? You can request one here!

Request your refill directly from our website by simply clicking the button below. Should you have any questions about your prescription, please do not hesitate to call us. We always have time for our customers.

Need it delivered? We can do that too. Learn more here. 

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