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Beyond the Prescription: The True Role of a Pharmacist

October is American Pharmacists’ Month, which means it’s our time to shine. When you think of a pharmacist, you undoubtedly think of the team who fills your prescriptions each month. But the role of the pharmacist goes far beyond that. We’re members of your healthcare team, but do you know how much we really can do for you? Here are just a few ways we help patients live healthier lives: 

Medication Management: We are Medication Therapy Management (MTM) experts, providing services that help to protect the public from medication errors and at the same time educate them about their prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs, and herbal supplements. Additionally, we provide yearly reviews of medications that incorporates an action plan, documentation and follow-up visits as necessary. These efforts helps provide patients with ways to make it easier to stay adherent with their medications while keeping prescription costs within reach.

Diabetes Care Training: Our training for diabetes care involves blood glucose monitoring, proper insulin injection methods, foot care, and eye care along with educational insight on managing your diabetes. Not to mention, we also carry products in our store to assist diabetic patients in their everyday lives.

Vaccinations: We administer vaccinations for the flu, shingles, travel, and more. These vaccines protect you from unwanted diseases and serious health risks, and we’re always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have about them. Not to mention, for any travel vaccines, we offer health travel consultations to ensure you’re ready for a healthy trip abroad. 

Health Maintenance: We counsel and guide patients on health maintenance, which may include asthma treatment, smoking cessation, and nutrition management. 

Pain Management: Patients can learn of safe ways to manage their pain with Gatti Pharmacy along with alternative solutions. 

OTC Assistance: We’ll help you and advise you on the correct over-the-counter medications you need for your symptoms. You don’t have to worry about feeling lost when trying to find answers; we’ll let you know what’s safe to take with your current medications and health conditions and so on. 

Pharmacists play a key role in preventing and identifying medication dosing errors, serious drug interactions, and life-threatening drug allergies. Feel free to reach out to us anytime for questions you may have. We’re your partner in good health, and we’re committed to patients beyond the prescription.

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