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Special Packaging: The Right Choice for Gatti and Patients

In our world, we see a lot of issues with patients taking medications properly, also known as medication adherence. Frequently, mishaps happen due to not being able to keep track of what to take and when. This is something that individuals with chronic conditions who are on multiple medications struggle with the most. 

"We know a lot of patients have trouble taking medications at the correct times and that it can be a really big burden for families and caretakers to have to fill pull boxes for an older family member," Stephanie Smith Cooney, Pharm D., Gatti Pharmacy owner, said. 

Because of this observation, Stephanie implemented a special packaging service a few years ago knowing that it was going to really help those people that were taking a lot of medications or had complicated medications and schedules. Since then, the team at Gatti Pharmacy has noticed vast improvements in patients' care.

"Just recently, we had a new lady come in, and she wanted our special packaging," Cory Hartman, Pharm D., said. "She was so grateful for what we were able to do for her that she wrote all of us in the pharmacy a thank you note, and we have it up in the pharmacy." 

"[It's great knowing] we could really just take away that burden from [patients and their caretakers] and make their lives easier with our special packaging service," Stephanie added. 

Specialty packaging from Gatti Pharmacy is no extra cost to the patient, and we accept most insurances. If you would like to learn more about this free service, please speak with a Gatti pharmacist today or send us a message requesting more information. 


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