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Save Money on Medications in 2020

Medication costs are on the rise, and what patients don't often realize is that there are programs available to make a big difference. We decided to create our own to make identifying cost-savings, using the pharmacist's expertise, accessible to everyone.

With this membership service, known as GattiVIP, medication prices are less than insurance prices due to the fact that pricing is not based on insurance payment formulas or the most expensive brands, which allows Gatti to charge reduced cash prices.

While joining provides discounted medications for members, those who join will have the added benefits of a Gatti pharmacist providing a comprehensive review of your medications, looking not only for those cost-savings, but also problems that can be communicated to your healthcare team.

GattiVIP members can also enjoy an everyday 15% discount on over-the-counter items, our special packaging service at no additional cost, and other in-store specials. This program is not like other pharmacy discount programs where you receive points for spending; it's meant to make medications more manageable and realistic while also getting the care and attention needed from a pharmacist.

Our program has been able to save patients anywhere from hundreds to a thousand dollars annually, for both temporary and ongoing situations. Whether patients have been in between insurances or need help solving issues with their prescription plan, we can help find alternative and cost-effective solutions.

Speak with a Gatti team member today to see how you might benefit from this program and to sign up today.

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