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5 Reasons You Should Have Flu Shot Clinics at Work

A study from the researchers at the University of Pittsburgh shows that a cost-savings of $63-$95 per vaccinated employee can be realized if the flu shot is received before December. This is not only beneficial for employers but for employees as well. Considering that the start of flu season begins in the last quarter of the year, often when paid vacation and sick-time is all used up, the expense of missing work due to the flu can weigh heavy on individuals in more ways that one. Hosting a flu shot clinic at work can prevent this though. Here are five reasons why you should have flu shot clinics at work: 

  • Ensures you get the flu shot in time.

  • Saves money for your company, which alleviates financial stress for everyone.

  • We come to you, so it is convenient for everyone.

  • Most insurances cover the flu shot, and we can work with your company to arrange how it will be billed. Then, we'll take it from there for you.

  • You can focus on other things in your life and not worry about missing important personal events or work.

What many people do not realize is that, even though we are an independent pharmacy, we can still provide this service like the big chains. The difference is we provide that personalized attention, which may be especially helpful when trying to schedule and coordinate with all staff at the business. If you are not the business owner or in charge of managing the clinics, encourage your employer or head of HR to contact us today to schedule. 

So, schedule your flu shot clinic today, or better yet, don't wait and stop in for your shot. If you have any questions, please call the pharmacy and speak with one of our friendly pharmacists. 


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