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Medication Maintenance During a Pandemic

We know it’s a trying time, and finding a normal routine during this time can be difficult. Getting into the doctor’s office is nearly impossible right now unless you have an emergency, but your health shouldn’t be ignored because of it. Prior to COVID-19, it was estimated in 2018 that despite the fact that roughly ⅔ of Americans have a prescription medication, about 50% were not taking them as prescribed. This unfortunately leads to thousands of preventable deaths and ultimately higher costs in health care. The reasons for this non-adherence (as it’s called) vary, but it’s not usually because someone simply doesn’t want to take their medications. On the contrary, in a 2011 study from Express Scripts that focused on 600,000 patients, 69% forgot to take their medications or didn’t renew their prescription on time, 16% were due to cost, and 15% were due to clinical concerns, such as worries about side effects. 

We are living in a time when we can’t afford to miss a beat in our health. This is why we try to make healthcare as convenient as possible for our patients, even prior to this crisis. As an independent pharmacy, we’re able to implement services and tools to ensure  you’re getting what you need. Here are just some of the ways we help make your healthcare more accessible, especially now:

  • Synchronizing your medications through our free AutoSync Rx service that combines your prescriptions for once monthly pick-up, taking off one last thing from your list of things to remember to do

  •  Using our RxLocal App to help manage reminders, refills, alerts, text directly with a pharmacist, and more

  •  Cost savings and medication check-ups as part of our GattiVIP program

We hope we’ve been able to appropriately help you during this time. If there is anything we can do to assist in your care, please let us know. And, if you know of someone who could use our pharmacy services, have them call us. We’d be more than happy to get them what they need, too. 

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