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Did you know it's Lyme Disease Awareness Month?

We love the warmer months, but warmer weather also means ticks. These buggers are most active from April-September, so here are some tips to prevent tick bites and, thus, Lyme Disease this season:

  • Walk in the center of trails during your hikes. Try to avoid tall grass and brushy areas. Ticks love hanging out in those spots most.

  • Repel ticks with DEET or permethrin. If you plan on camping, use products that contain permethrin on your clothes and camping gear. Additionally, use products with 20-30% DEET on exposed clothes and skin when outside.

  • Check yourself. Be sure to check your body and clothes upon coming back indoors for any ticks. Bathe or shower to ensure they are all off of you.

  • Check your dogs. Use tick repellents and treatments on your furbabies as well, and be sure to check them after each time outdoors too.

  • Use our tick tools in the store front. We not only carry tick repellant but also the "Tick Twister" tick remover to effectively remove ticks from your and your animals' bodies and a Lyme disease tick test, both of which can easily be carried with you when in the woods.

Be sure to speak with a Gatti team member on other ways to prevent (or even treat) Lyme Disease. We're always here to help.


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