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A Solution for Klingensmith’s Shelocta Patients to Stay with an Independent Drugstore

At Gatti Pharmacy, we want to provide Klingensmith’s Shelocta patients with a solution to stay with an independent pharmacy after their Indiana County location closed in early December.

According to a November 30 press release, the Ford City-based pharmacy chain, Klingensmith’s, closed its Shelocta store Thursday, December 5. CEO David Cippel stated in the release that independent pharmacies are facing challenges that make it hard to stay sustainable, such as prescription costs not being covered by the state’s Medicaid program.

“We, too, see the daily challenges independent pharmacies have, battling middle men who are adding to the price of medications, which affect both the patient and pharmacists,” Stephanie Smith Cooney, Gatti Pharmacy owner and president said. “It’s a shame, and we’re all fighting and doing what we can. The big corporations are the only ones who benefit, while the patients and small businesses suffer. Gatti has been lucky enough to overcome it so far, but something has to change and soon.”

Stephanie, who has owned Gatti Pharmacy for nearly 15 years, hopes our store can be a solution to the Shelocta patients who want the benefit and personal care that community pharmacies provide.

“With our special medication packaging and free delivery services, we can ensure those patients are still getting what they need without feeling forced that they have to go to a chain.”

She invites anyone with questions about the challenges community pharmacies face to reach out to learn more. She also encourages community members to reach out to their local legislators to make a change.

“This isn’t just about the small pharmacies; it’s also about the patients and their medication costs,” Stephanie said.


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