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Four Heart-Healthy Tips to Keep Your Ticker Going

Love is in the air, but what about in our bodies? Your heart is a powerful organ that works hard for you each day. Make sure you show it some TLC by following these tips:

  • Get enough sleep. Studies  have shown that middle-aged adults who receive a minimum of seven hours of sleep had less calcium build-up in their arteries (a sign of heart disease) than those who had five or less hours of sleep.

  • Treat it well. Get your blood pressure checked once every two years (or more if it is already high). In addition, to keep blood pressure levels low, exercise regularly, eat more more fruits and veggies, cut back on the salt and lower your alcohol intake. Start small to create lasting good habits.

  • Say goodbye to Joe Camel. The chemicals along with the nicotine are both harmful to the heart, so consider cutting out cigarettes from your life this year. We know it's easier said than done, but we can help through smoking cessation programs.

  • Talk to your pharmacist. At Gatti Pharmacy, we have a variety of preventative health care services for your convenience. Ask us about them today.

How do you show your heart some love?


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