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Got CBD?

We often have patients who have tried everything for sleep and are finding no relief. Many of our patients also struggle with chronic pain and are hesitant to try anything other than over-the-counter medications or are looking  for alternatives to opioids for chronic pain. While we recognize that CBD or cannabinoids aren’t an over the counter supplement that will work for everyone, we do recognize it as a therapy that can be tried when other options aren’t working or not appropriate.

Today, it’s not uncommon to find CBD oils available in many places. From the corner convenience store to the shop across town, it’s not hard to find. Unfortunately, this can make it hard to know what products are of high quality and from a trusted source.

After extensive research, we decided to stock hemp-based CBD oil from MEDTERRA. This oil, derived from USA-grown hemp, contains cannabinoids and is legal in all 50 states as a nutritional supplement. These hemp-based products are required to contain no THC, the chemical responsible for the effects of marijuana’s “high." People use CBD to relieve pain, lessen problems sleeping, and relieve anxiety. MEDTERRA products are US Hemp Authority Certified.

Our pharmacists can discuss dosing recommendations as well as help you determine the best product for you. 

While we recognize this option isn't for everyone, we appreciate it as an alternative to other treatments. We also want to serve as your trusted source of high-quality nutritional supplements, as products can vary widely in their quality. 

Ask us your questions today. We're here to help you evaluate your options and determine what's best for you. ​


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