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Pharmacists: Easy To Reach, Ready To Help

October is American Pharmacists Month, which marks a time to celebrate and support your pharmacist! At Gatti Pharmacy, we pride ourselves in being an independent pharmacy providing the highest quality of service with the touch of local people…people who care about you and your loved ones. It is important for everyone to know and understand the role of a pharmacist, the services provided by your pharmacy, and the questions you should ask your pharmacist every time you pick up your prescriptions. 

Pharmacy graduates earn their Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree after completion of 6-8 years of school, depending on the type and length of program they go to. Additionally, many pharmacists take other certifications to become certified to administer immunizations and injectable medications. Pharmacists are not only the prescription medication experts, but can provide certain recommendations for over-the-counter products to best treat your minor ailments. Pharmacies are also very accessible and offer services above and beyond just dispensing medication.

Gatti Pharmacy is a different kind of pharmacy because we offer a lot of unique services, such as auto-refill, special packaging, medication synchronization, medication consultations, delivery, vaccines, travel health consults, a drive-through window, the GattiVIP savings and loyalty program, IUP student program, and more.

So, next time you visit us, make sure you know what questions to ask your pharmacist so that you understand the medications you take!

Questions to ask your pharmacist include:

  • What is the name of my medication?

  • What is my medication for?

  • What are some side effects of this medication?

  • How is this medication best taken?

  • What do I do if I forget to take a dose of my medication?

  • Where should I store my medicine?

  • The price of my medication changed. What do you recommend?

  • How can I dispose of unwanted, unused, or expired medications?

Next time you need a prescription or over the counter product, stop in or call us at (724) 349-4200. We look forward to serving you and being your “Know You By Name” pharmacy.

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