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9 Tips for an Illness-Free Semester

College is an exciting time full of new adventures. With the start of another school year, it is important to take time to ensure that you are adequately prepared to prevent and fight illness. Here are a few tips to help you power through the semester illness free:

 Wash your hands. College classrooms and dorms are filled with germs. Don’t forget to wash your hands regularly. It is also a good idea to carry hand sanitizer with you.

Stay hydrated. Did you know the human body is made up of 60% water? Staying hydrated is a key to maintaining a healthy immune system.

Eat a well balanced diet. Yes, the unlimited ice cream bar in the cafeteria is tempting. However, eating a well balanced diet helps to boost your body’s immune system and can even help you focus better in class. Next time you're in the cafeteria, check out the salad bar instead!

Exercise. Even just 30 minutes of exercise can help improve your focus, fitness, and overall health.

Get the flu shot. With living in such close quarters, it doesn’t take much for the flu to spread like wildfire in a college dorm or apartment. Be one step ahead of the game and protect yourself by getting the flu shot in early fall BEFORE flu season really kicks in. It's completely covered by most insurance plans, and there's no appointment necessary to get one at Gatti Pharmacy.

Get your prescriptions transferred. Bring your prescription bottles from your pharmacy at home and your prescription insurance card to Gatti Pharmacy. The staff here will take care of transferring your prescriptions. It is better to do this a few days before you run out of medication. And just in case you do get sick...

Keep copies of your insurance cards handy. It is always a good idea to keep a copy of your medical insurance card and your prescription insurance card handy in case you need to make a trip to an urgent care center or pharmacy. It’s also good to know where your local urgent care and pharmacy is located should you need to visit either.

Create a first aid kit. Put together a simple first aid kit. Check out this list created by the American Red Cross of items you should include.

Stock up on over-the-counter medications. College is a busy time and you may not always have time to make a trip to the pharmacy when you feel a cold coming on. It’s a good idea to keep medications, such as medications for allergies, pain relief, colds, and an upset stomach, on hand just in case.

Interested in learning more? Talk to a Gatti pharmacist today for more tips on planning a healthy semester!

What steps are you taking to be healthy this semester?

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