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Would you like better access to medical care?

Become a GattiVIP member today.

GattiVIP is a membership service in our ongoing effort to make sure our patients are getting what they need. Through this program, you'll get the medications you need at affordable prices so that you can stress less about following the doctor's orders along with discounted store items, access to our special packaging service, and more.


The name of the program says it all; by joining our GattiVIP Program, you are officially marked as one of our Very Important Patients and will enjoy the benefits.

  • Sign up by completing the included application and return to us to continue to receive the special packaging service you’ve come to know and love. You’ll not only get the special packaging, but all the benefits of the GattiVIP program.


  • Choose to pay annually per person, or sign up for a household membership for three or more people (including pets, max 6 patients total).

  • Start benefitting right away! Complete the application and turn it in today so there’s no lapse in your packaging service. That’s it!


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