Make health convenient.

We offer free delivery and drive-thru service to make your busy life easier.

We deliver prescriptions during business hours to:

  • Indiana Borough

  • White Township

  • Homer City

  • Penn Run / Clymer

  • Ernest

  • Shelocta​ ​

With a minimum of a $10 order, you can also have products from our storefront delivered, whether it is over-the-counter (OTC) or gift items.

Need next-day delivery? Join our VIP program.

And for the times when you need it most, enjoy the convenience of our ​drive-thru window service.

Located on Foundry Alley right beside Gatti Pharmacy on the 10th block of Philadelphia Street, this convenient service is designed for those times you are unable to make it in to Gatti headquarters, whether it is due to sickness or the like.Not to mention, we can grab anything you need from the store front to be purchased through the drive-thru as well. Ask about other services that may be available through the drive-thru window next time you're in. We're always here for you, both inside and outside of the pharmacy. ​

"Whether I needed a last minute prescription delivered or was flying through your drive-thru with my stroller in a panic, or this AM when your very kind pharmacist let me in a little early to get cold meds because I know I looked like death warmed over.....your customer service is simply the best and we are so lucky to have a hometown pharmacy like Gatti!"


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